Module 2

Development Stages of Parenting and Family Life   Introduction

This online learning module outlines the concerns, roles, and responsibilities of parents and others who take on the job of parenting children. The building blocks of this module allow you to schedule your study at your own pace. The total study time for this module is about 2 hours. By completing the module you can earn 2 contact hours of continuing education.

Scope of Module 2 

This module reviews selected topics about the developmental stages of parenting and family life. Content is organized around "stages of family" from those with infants and toddlers to families in later life. You may select topics in any order you choose. Each block, or "family stage," includes general text, summaries of selected research and statistics, and a Forum. 

Forums of Module 2 

Each block ends with a case study and opportunity to share comments with other parenting and family professionals. You may post comments under your full name or with an abbreviated name or identifier (such as "FLE in Houston"). 

Beginning Module 2 

ROPER suggests starting with "Theory," which presents a theory base for the topic of parenting stages. To proceed through Module #2, you can click on the "Next Page" icon that appears at the bottom of each page. 

Alternatively, you can use the Module Menu (at the top left of every page) and click on any block you choose. 

At the end of the module you can test yourself in the section called Self-Assessment and submit your test to Texas ROPER to earn a Certificate of Completion. 

Module 2 Building Block Topics: 

  • Module 2: Theory
  • Building Block 1: Families with Infants & Toddlers
  • Building Block 2: Families with Preschoolers
  • Building Block 3: Families with School-ages Children
  • Building Block 4: Families with Adolescents
  • Building Block 5: Families with Young Adults
  • Building Block 6: Families with Grandchildren
  • Building Block 7: Families in Later Life
  • Module 2: Self-Assessment