Building Block 3

Development Stages of Parenting and Family Life
 Building Block 3: Working with Families with School-aged Children
Items in the Research Summary
  • Group influence on school-aged children is inevitable in modern America. It is also usually positive in that it promotes friendships; social groups; and the naturally-occurring lessons of loyalty, kindness, fairness, and cooperation. Teachers can affect the level of group influence. Good teachers can create positive group environments and even initiate a group identity for children. The famous "Miss A" research is an example of how a classroom of children can identify themselves as good readers and great learners — and carry that identity throughout their lives. [Go directly to this item.]   
  • Statistics indicate that business-related travel will continue to separate parents from their children. [Go directly to this item.]   
  • Parental absence has an impact on children, what researchers refer to as separation effects. [Go directly to this item.]   
  • The effects of separation extend to the adolescent years, also. [Go directly to this item.]   
  • When separated from children, some parents believe that cutting off the relationship eased pain. But research indicates some contact with the absent parent is better than none. [Go directly to this item.]   
  • Work-family statistics are frequently reported in terms of children with working mothers. These statistics report in terms of proportion of new mothers in the work force. [Go directly to this item.]   
  • Every field of research examines the words it uses to describe concepts. Work-family balance is examined here. [Go directly to this item.]   
  • Off-shifting is one strategy that two-parent families employ to reduce the need for childcare services.  
  • Cynthia Pill's research of 1990 is much-cited for its description of blended families in terms of adaptability and cohesion. Too, Pill reported on successful blended families' flexibility in re-defining the meaning of family. [Go directly to this item.]   
  • Researchers have reported various definitions of blended family adjustment. [Go directly to this item.]