Module 3

Program Evaluation & Introduction to Statistic   Introduction to Module 3

Module #3 is part of ROPER Online Learning, free continuing education for parenting and family professionals. Online Learning is part of Texas ROPER (Texas Registry of Parent Educator Resources), a partnership project of the University of North Texas Center for Parent Education, Children's Trust Fund of Texas, and Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services.Objectives: 

Designed for parenting and family professionals, ROPER Online Learning presents basic curricula as well as summaries of recent research. This project, Program Evaluation & Introduction to Statistics, addresses typical evaluation tasks and responsibilities of professionals who create and administer programs for parents and families. The current Module presents lessons explaining the need for evaluation and the basic choices for evaluation. This Module also presents an introduction to descriptive statistics commonly used in program evaluation.

Module 3 Building Block Topics: 

  • Building Block 1: Introduction to Program Evaluation
  • Building Block 2: Evaluation Methods
  • Building Block 3: Tips for Success
  • Building Block 4: Introduction to Statistics