Practicum Experience from the View of Xun Zhang

Hello all! My name is Xun Zhang and I am a new Doctoral student at UNT. Actually, I also spent two years for my Master degree at this university. I am currently taking my internship at the center of parenting education. I feel so proud that I can work under Dr. Jacobson’s instruction, and I have gained fruitful knowledge through doing some research projects. For example, I am currently working on the research with family programs. The target of this research project is to evaluate strategies to nurture families, parents, and caregivers, and establish supportive and better environments in school settings, communities, and homes. As a future educator, I have very strong interests to do some research regarding to how to develop family programs for children’s education.

 I actually started to be involved in doing some research at the center from last week. The first task I took charge in was to find articles and research data for the project “Collaborations and Community for Research and Evaluation with Family Program: Symposium and Resources”.  Those articles, which include some important points, could be used to support the research of the project. All of the points focus on parent education, home visiting, family support, and parent involvement. Based on these findings, I think that I will do deeper research on how parent involvement can be strengthened and maintained.  

I also work with Texas HIPPY, which is a home visitation program that serves as a catalyst for change at all levels-family, school, and community-by increasing school readiness and parental involvement. The experiences in HIPPY have brought me more opportunities to know parenting education. Doing good things for developing parent and child education makes my life shining. I believe that choosing to take practicum at center of parenting education is the best decision I have made because I believe that I will get more wonderful experiences and learn something what I really need at the center.