Practicum Experience from the View of Amy Newman


Hello! My name is Amy Newman, and I am an undergraduate student here at the University of North Texas!  I am expecting to graduate in December of this year, 2012!!!  I want to be a counselor, with a focus on Christian based family and marriage counseling.  I have known for years that I was called to work with children so I entered U.N.T. as a Development and Family Studies (DFST) major.  As time went by and I really dug into my course work, I was amazed by the work my professors were doing for families.  I am inspired by the focus and passion these women and men have for families everywhere!   I was introduced to the Center for Parent Education (CPE) in one of my classes, and I was intrigued to learn more.  As it turns out parents need education on how to be parents, because life does not come with an instruction manual!  This last semester I had to find a practicum site, and I did not think twice about it!  I knew I wanted to work with Dr. Jacobson at the CPE.  I am excited to get started, and blessed beyond belief to have the opportunity to work with such great people!!