Practicum Experience from the View of Jenna McFadden



My name is Jenna McFadden. I am a senior at Texas Woman’s University. I will be graduating with my bachelors degree in Child Development in December 2012. I plan on continuing my education beyond my bachelor’s studies, and pursuing my master’s degree in Counseling.  This semester I am going to school, working as a kindergarten teacher, and doing my second internship. There were a lot of choices that I could have chosen for my second practicum experience. However in all of the areas, I wanted to gain more knowledge into Parent Education.

My first week at the Center for Parent Education, has been really exciting for me. I am blown away by all of the work that the center participates in, and the amount of help they are able to bestow on our communities. I have enhanced my knowledge on the center throughout this week, and have really looked into the different programs that are under the centers umbrella. These programs include Texas Hippy, and TAPE.  These organizations are critical to the DFW area. They are both organizations whose mission is to help children and parents. This week I have also had the opportunity to look into some research topics that I could write a newsletter on for the center. One of the topics that I am interested in researching is “Kinship Care”. I have not had a lot of background with social services, and so it was very interesting to research into this topic. The statistics regarding the amount of children in the United States along with the state of Texas that live with a relative really shocked me! I cannot wait to continue to research this topic, talk to professionals around my community, and most importantly find resources for the many individuals who are taking care of a child relative.

I also will have the opportunity to work with TAPE. This is the Texas Association of Parent Education. I am ecstatic about the opportunity to work with TAPE. I am willing to do anything and everything! I want to soak up all of the knowledge and experience I can. Honestly, I never knew I would love being at the Center for Parent Education so much! This has opened more career opportunities for me , as I have found great interest in Parent Education. I can’t wait until next week! I guarantee that when my 140 hours are finished, I will very sad to leave!


Until next week! – Jenna McFadden