Practicum Experience from the View of Yujue Wang

This week is my first week of doing practicum at the Center for Parent Education. During this week, I start my practicum with the experience I never have had before. One the first day morning, I met with Jenna and Amy, other two interns, before the orientation. We introduced ourselves. I felt happy to make friends with them. Both of them have had prior experience in doing practicum. They shared some interesting things happened during their previous practicum. They also gave me some useful suggestions which I need to take into consideration in my practicum. During our first day orientation, Dr. Jacobson gave us a brief introduction about our center and assigned our tasks in practicum. We could choose the tasks which we are interested in. I would like to do my practicum with focus on conference planning. I attended the 2011 International Conference on Parent Education and Parenting Conference held at University of North Texas. I took part in the two days conference by being a facilitator in helping with registration work and an audience. Due to this experience, I understand that the most important characteristics of holding a successful conference was related with detailed planning of preconference, thus, I aspire to know more about the conference planning. The main purpose of my first two days’ practicum is to be familiar with the entire process of planning a conference. I read a book, named Conference and Research Preconference Planning, to have an overall understanding about the entire process of planning a conference. I also read some materials about the ongoing planning for the next year conference.

Everyone in our office is friendly. Yamuna helps me to have a detailed understanding about the conference. Tracie is an easy-going person. She friendly introduces the space and equipment usage inside our center work place. During some spare time, we also have chat with each other. For me, the first week was amazing. I cannot wait for my next few weeks’ practicum.