Practicum Experience from the View of Tonea Smith

Tonea SmithTonea Smith, UNT Senior

Hi all! My name is Tonea, I’m 23 (…well 22 but my birthday is July 3rd so close enoughJ), and I’m currently a senior at the University of North Texas. I aspire to be a Professional Counselor with a focus on marriage and families. Even as a child I could always remember wanting  to be a part of building strong families because I feel that the family dynamic has such a strong and powerful influence on any individuals’ life. I will be graduating in December of 2012 and although it’s exactly 172 days away from today, I feel like the day I walk across that stage is so close! In order for me to achieve this I need to complete 150 of practicum hours within an institution that is related to my major of Developmental Families Studies. This last past year I had a few classes with Dr. Jacobson, after a little research I found that she was over the Center of Parent Education. As a student in her class I appreciated her work ethic so I approached her about me completing my practicum hours with her. She agreed, and here I am today! I am more than happy to share with you all what my experience has been like with her and within the center. Feel free to click on the links below that I have posted here so that you can have an inside look as to what completing 150 hours at the Center of Parent Education is like from a personal perspective!