June 25 - 29, 2012

This week I continued to work on retrieving and compiling contacts for the International Conference on Parent Education and Parenting. Dr. Jacobson instructed me to make a list of contacts from individuals that were mentioned in the TAPE Webinar held on June 7th so that we could add to the list of people to market the conference to. I also began a list of state level departments of education and contacted departments such as, The National Council on Family Relations and American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (AAFCS). In contacting these departments I feel as though my professionalism is growing. To know that I am in some way a part of the conference is rewarding because I am now starting to see all of the hard work that it takes to have a successful conference. This week I was also instructed by Dr. Jacobson to formulate ideas about placing a practicum section on her parent educations’ website. I thought that it would be a good idea to have a section to refer to for the Practicum Fair with a "Duties to Complete" Checklist -The practicum student can create a list based off of the syllabus of duties needing to be completed before the Practicum fair. Suggested duties would be: 1.) Update Portfolio 2.) Access a display board 3.) Retrieve materials for display board (such as brochures/handouts, pens, etc.) 4.) Compose elevator speech. A calendar - This calendar can be another place to log in deadlines found on the practicum syllabus. This can also be a way for the mentor to assign tasks with beginning and due dates for the practicum student to complete, just in case they are not able to meet face to face in the office. An Announcement Board – A place to announce upcoming conferences, workshops, etc., that the practicum student might find beneficial. The next day, Conference Coordinator Twila Farrar and I placed all of these ideas onto the parenting education website, along with a blog from the journal entries that I have submitted here in class. I was very excited to put something like this together for this website because it made me feel as though my input and my experience was valued by the center.