Research and Evaluation Symposium Resources

In 2013, the 20th Annual Conference for Parent Education and Parenting included a Research and Evaluation Symposium.  The goal of the Symposium was to provide resources and build collaborations for research and evaluation in parent education and parenting.  

We started this project with a needs assessment to design a symposium that would best meet the needs of family program practitioners, researchers, and evaluators.  The resulting symposium program included a special address by Dr. Denise Simmons from the University of North Texas, a panel, two breakout sessions, and a networking meeting geared toward building collaborations for research, evaluation, and grant writing.

Now that the symposium is over, we aim to continue the important conversations we started.  To that end, we gathered content related to research and evaluation in family programs.  We also set up an online discussion/collaboration area where you can access these resources and each other.  The discussion area and resources are not limited to conference attendees, so please invite your colleagues.

Ways you can participate:

  1. Share links to research and evaluation resources that are of interest in our field
  2. Participate in discussions about critical issues in research and evaluation of family programs
  3. Consider forming collaborations for research, evaluation, and grant writing with others in the group

What you will find in the discussion/collaboration area:

  1. Research and evaluation needs assessment report
  2. Symposium program and presentation materials (where available)
  3. Resources of interest for research, evaluation, and grant writing
  4. Discussion forum

Please click here to access the Research and Evaluation Discussion Area.

You can view the content without registering, but you will need to register in order to participate in discussions.  For technical assistance, don't hesitate to contact Amber by emailing  

The symposium was funded by The American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) Ruth O’Brien Project Grant.