Self Assessment

Development Stages of Parenting and Family Life

The self-assessment for Module #3 is 30 multiple-choice items. By completing this assessment with 80% accuracy and by posting comments to the Forums, you can earn a Certificate of Completion from the UNT Center for Parent Education. After you submit this form, you will receive notification of your score within two weeks. If your score is below 80%, you will be invited to re-take the test. You may take this online test as many times as you like.

Each test item has one correct answer. With your mouse, click on the "radio button" before the best answer. 

Please note that an email address is required in order to receive the certificate of completion.

Another way to look at it... just because the self-assessment is "online," you do not have to take it online.

You can print out this test and mark it, and then return to this page to select your answers and submit the test by clicking on the "Submit" button at the bottom.