Module 1

Development Stages of Parenting and Family Life
Introduction to Module 1

ROPER Online Learning offers free, online continuing education as a project of the Texas Registry of Parent Educator Resources (Texas ROPER). Texas ROPER was developed through a partnership between the Children's Trust Fund of Texas, the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services, and the University of North Texas Center for Parent Education.

Designed for parenting and family professionals, ROPER Online Learning presents basic curricula as well as summaries of recent research. The first project, Developmental Stages of Parenting and Family life, addresses typical transitions for parents and families as well as strategies for the parenting professionals who work with them. The curriculum reflects many components of the Core Knowledge and Skills, which identifies ten major areas of knowledge that family professionals should have.

ROPER Online Learning modules present continuing education options ranging from two to ten contact hours. Parent educators may access modules on their own schedule, with the option of stopping work at any time and "bookmarking" their place.

Module 1 Building Block Topics:


Tips for Completing Module 1

In the menu bar on the left, you will find a link to “Tips.” Click on it for helpful information about moving through this module.  “Tips” also explains how to save your place so that you can leave the learning module and return later to work on it.

Pre-Assessment Option

  • Most parent educators will choose to complete Module #1. This choice provides the most information and earns the full 10 contact hours. To make this choice, you can skip the section called “Pre-Assessment” and go directly to “Building Block 1.”

    If you prefer, you can “pre-assess” your knowledge of parenting stages. In this section, a quiz covers some of the concepts in the module. If you score 90% or higher, you may choose to study Module #2. This option earns 2 contact hours. All parent educators are welcome to complete Module #1 for 10 contact hours, regardless of score on this quiz.