Development Stages of Parenting and Family Life
Tips for Module 2

This module is built around blocks so that you can study at your own pace. Topics are listed below. You can go through the blocks in any order you like. And you can repeat a section as many times as you like.

No record is being made of your use of this website. ROPER is not "tracking" your progress as you go through the blocks. Any information you send to ROPER from this site is voluntary and well-marked with "Submit"  or "Post."

Icons in this Module

For your convenience, you can automatically go  to "Next Page" with this link at the bottom of most pages. In this way, you can go straight through the module without missing any material. This option does, however, skip over the Pre-Assessment (a pre-test).

Self-Assessment  At the end of the module you can test yourself in the section called Self-Assessment and submit your test to Texas ROPER to earn a Certificate of Completion.

Building Block Topics

Module 2 Theory
1 - Families with Infants and Toddlers
2 - Families with Preschoolers
3 - Families with School-aged Children
4 - Families with Adolescents
5 - Families with Young Adults
6 - Families with Grandchildren
7 - Families in Later Life
Self - Assessment


Interactive Element of the Module 

In all of the Building Blocks, you will be asked to participate in a Forum. The purpose of the Forum is to give you a chance to apply the material presented in the module.

This is a place for you to read a case study and react to it. You can read other parent educators' comments about the case study and add your own.

You do not have to put your name on the message. Some people do choose to include name and position because they want to hear from fellow parent educators. This is optional! You can type in only your first name, or you can type in your city, or any other identifier. 

Contacting ROPER

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mail address:
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