Building Block 3

Program Evaluation:
Building Block 3: Links to More Sources of Help

Brochures about Survey Research — The American Statistical Association 

Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation — (peer-reviewed electronic journal) 

User-Friendly Handbook for Project Evaluation — (book in pdf format) 

Online Evaluation Resource Library — funded by National Science Foundation) 

The Evaluation Exchange — Harvard Family Research Project 

Results-Based Accountability — Harvard Family Research Project 

Knowledge Transfer Center — (Click on Free Stuff Selection tab for surveys, needs assessment, evaluation tools) 

Evaluation Activities in Organizations 

Basic Guide to Program Evaluation 

Outcome Evaluation Plan — (sample form) 

Outcome Evaluation Results — (sample form)

Outcome Measurement Resource Network — United Way 

Evaluation of Parenting Education Programs:A Parenting Evaluation Decision Framework — National Network for Family Resiliency 

Evaluation — (abstracts of evaluation tools and a bibliography of evaluation resources)