Education Worksheet

Completing your Education and Training Worksheet is the first step toward applying for Parent Education Professional Development Recognition. As you complete the worksheet you will be asked to provide important information about yourself that is essential to determining your eligibility.  To make the best use of your time, provide accurate information, and facilitate the review process, please follow these instructions carefully.

Click here to download your Education and Training Worksheet (102 kb, requires Acrobat Reader)

Completing the Education and Training Worksheet

You will need to collect and organize your training and workshop materials in order to name the event, dates attended, and number of contact hours earned to fill out the Education and Training Worksheet. Separate workshops and sessions by Core Knowledge areas. Please provide sufficient documentation that shows you meet Core Knowledge requirements of the level you are requesting.

The following activities may be included on the Education and Training Worksheet:

  • Conferences, institutes, seminars, workshops, etc., sponsored by Colleges, Universities, professional associations, parent education programs
  • College courses
  • In-Service Training on the job
  • Online learning, e.g. Center for Parent Education on-line modules
  • Professional home-study materials, e.g. Family Information Services

Once you have completed your Education and Training Worksheet, please attach it to your completed Recognition Application. After your application has been processed (2 to 3 weeks) you will receive notification via email of the status of your recognition.