Wisdom for Parents

Wisdom for Parents:
Key Ideas from Parent Educators

 A book for Parents
 - for Professionals
 - for Students

How the book can be helpful for most Professionals & Students

Wisdom for Parents, written for parents, is not a book trying to promote or 'sell' any one parenting approach. Instead, it is a good review, discussion, and explanation of most of the major parenting approaches - an excellent overview! Also included are helpful tips on allowances, ideas for discussing sexuality with children or teens, a dad talking to his daughter about boys, what real courage and loyalty involves among family and peers (important "read-together" articles for parent and child), and more, in short 2-4 page writings - by Certified Family Life Educators (CFLE).


Of special note for students

A lengthier concluding chapter provides similar short reviews and discussions of major parenting theories and ideas as evolved over the past eight decades. It is all presented in an understandable conceptual framework of parenting theories, well documented with numerous suggestions for further reading.


How the book came to be

Over 1300 CFLEs were asked, "What is your favorite unique wisdom or pet theme which you feel most parents should hear?" The book is the result.

Note: Author proceeds go to support the CFLE program of NCFR. The publisher offers a 20% discount on orders of 10+

One prominent writer said: "This book is a must read for every parent and parent educator. It literally distills parental wisdom from the best educators/minds in the country who not only know their trade but who are parents themselves.  No other book anywhere has this plethora of wisdom—a true find of the ages." - David Knox, Ph.D., author of Choices in Relationships: An Introduction to Marriage and the Family (12th ed.).

Uses made of this book

As required reading for student interns who are going to serve families;

Supplement to textbook for courses, either parenting, family, or child development--for suggestions, see handout material from the NCFR Conf. presentation on Uses in the Classroom by clicking on the For Educator link on the book’s website noted below; Gift to agency staff to broaden knowledge/understanding of parenting approaches; and, Gift to parents with teens or toddlers; gift to churches and libraries.

Visit: www.WisdomForParents.com (see link, "For Educators")


Keim, Robert E., & Jacobson, Arminta L. (Eds.). (2011). Wisdom for parents: Key ideas from parent educators. Whitby, ON: de Sitter Publications.